A.R.S PRECISION ENGINEERING was originally incorporated in Malaysia in the year 2009.
Two years later when the company gained momentum and customers confidence, the name was subsequently changed to A.R.S PRECISION ENGINEERING (M)Sdn. Bhd. on November 4th. 2013.
The company have been frequently upgrading the machinery asset as to comply and to keep satisfying the customers.
Eventually A.R.S PRECISION ENGINEERING became the primary vendor for the audio, video, and automotive industries.

Management Team

First Director : Saravanan M.Raman
Second Director : Sivam M.Raman
Senior Engineer : Goppal Palaniandy
Organization Chart

Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy Has Always Been To Develop A Better Relationship Internally and Externally Through Continual Improvement In Our Operations, Products and Services
We Are Committed To:
> Build Good Relationship With Our Customers And Treat All
> Customers As Our Business Partner
> Consistently Meeting And Satisfying Our Customer’s Needs
> Perform The Correct Tasks, Defect Free And Deliver On Time Every Time

Objectives & Targets

Objective : To Meet Plan Or Target Production Sales
Target : To Meet 95% Of Plan Or Target Production Sales

Quality Assurance
Objective : Reduce In House Rejection Rate
Target : Reduce And Maintain In House Rejection Rate For All Section To Be Below 0.5%

Objective : Control Hours Of Machine Downtime
Target : To Maintain Downtime Of Machineries Less Than 50 Hours Per Month

Human Resource
Objective : Train And Develop Skilled Workers
Target : To Conduct Training To Machinist Minimum Of 4 Hours Per Year

Objective : To Ensure Product Or Parts Are Bought From Competitive Suppliers In Terms Of Quality And Pricing
Target : To Have Minimum 2 Quotations For Each New Product Or Parts Purchased